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Shock Absorber

Part No: 09200657

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The suspension legs in your washing machine absorb the vibrations that come from the spinning drum thereby keeping the entire appliance safe from damage and excessive noise. If on of yours is loose or cracked, this replacement could be the perfect part to keep your machine running smoothly and quietly. Shock Absorber 9200657

Fits Models: 31000956, 31001059, 31001209, 31001475, 31001354, 31001386, 31001355, 31001006, 31001002, 31001207, 31001213, 31000915, 31000914, 31001216, CM2166-86S, LBCNA166-80, HPA166-80, OHNL6116-37, HNL7126-80, HNL7126S-80, HNL7146-80, HIZ169-47, H127-47, CNA127-80, HPWD166-80, CWD126-47, CWD146-47, HPWD136-80.

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